We were in Sao Paulo, Brazil for just over 4 days where we stayed in a lovely new Airbnb called “Hostel Grape Wine”. We visited the famous Municipal Market of São Paulo, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, MASP (São Paulo Museum of Art ), Batman Alley and the Japanese District (Liberdade).
Overall Sao Paulo is just ridiculously huge.. it isn’t just the largest city in Brasil, it’s the largest in the Western Hemisphere!

It’s not particularly better than any other normal sized Brazilian city however, so if you’re planning on visiting don’t expect anything major. There’s actually not an incredible amount to do in Sao Paulo, unless you really plan on living there for a long period of time to really soak into the Sao Paulo life. A few days is enough to get a feel for it; of course it needs to be ticked off the seen list for any backpacker passing by.

Our top sights we’d definitely say to check out if you’re visiting:

Municipal Market, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, MASP, Batman Graffiti Alley, Paulista Avenue, the Japenese District of Liberdade, Catavento Cultural e Educacional (it’s a museum mainly aimed towards kids, but it’s very hands on and fun!), and we didn’t do this one, but if we had the chance we’d also do the Italian Building, where there are apparently incredible 360 views all over Sao Paulo to really understand just how big the city is.

We’ve also got a blog post for our adventures in Sao Paulo:

Batman, Amy and the Taxi Ride